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More and better food for demanding and responsible consumers


Dr. Bata Co. and Vetanco products
are developed to improve productivity
and profitability of animal production


Vetanco and Dr. Bata write down and sold
the BV Science line in their regions:
the distribution is done through Vetanco
for the Americas, and by Dr. Bata for
the rest of the world.


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Technical articles

Check out the studies carried out by Dr.Bata Co and Vetanco
aimed to promote animal health

Assessment of Novel Water Applied Prebiotic (GAMAXINE ®️️) to Evaluate Gut Barrier Failure and Performance in Two Commercial Trials in Brazil. A Pilot Study With an Economic Perspective

The present study evaluated the effect of administration of a water applied prebiotic on gut barrier failure (Experiment 1) and performance in broiler chickens under commercial conditions (Experiment 2).

Laying hens fed mycotoxincontaminated feed produced by Fusarium fungi (T-2 toxin and fumonisin B1) and Saccharomyces cerevisiae lysate: Impacts on poultry health, productive efficiency, and egg quality

Mycotoxins represent substantial challenges to the farming industry. These include toxins produced by Fusarium fungi, particularly trichothecenes (toxin T-2) and fumonisin (FB1). In the present study, we determined the effects of addition on Saccharomyces cerevisiae lysate (SCL) added to feed contaminated with T-2 and FB1 in terms of health, productive efficiency, and egg laying quality. […]

The Appearance of natural additives as performance enhancers – The hop

Nature has always produced almost every organic substance known. The plant kingdom is responsible for contributing with secondary metabolites administration; many of them offer a great added value due to their application in medicine, cosmetics, aliments and agrochemicals. Plants have their own defenses that normally protect them from other plants and predators. These defenses have […]

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