Árpad BataBoard Member, Founder / CEO of Dr. Bata Ltd.

    Árpad Bata is the founder and current president of Dr. Bata Ltd., as well as BVScience in partnership with Vetanco. He holds a PhD in Biological Sciences from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and has been appointed a Doctor (D.Sc.) of Agricultural Sciences by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2000. He worked in Mycotoxin research for 16 years before starting Dr. Bata Ltd. to deliver biotechnology based solutions to the mycotoxin problem all around the world. Arpad lectured at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and at the Budapest Veterinary University for 2 years. He published 128 scientific papers that were cited over 200 times. Since establishing Dr. Bata Ltd., with his research and development team he searched for solutions to other urging problems in intensive animal husbandry. They developed solutions to enhance feed digestibility in cattle and to provide alternatives to antibiotics for disease prevention.

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