Sherry LaytonPh D, Chief Science Officer

    Dr. Sherry Layton received her Ph.D. from the University of Arkansas where she studied poultry science. Her early career research in poultry immunology and molecular engineering set the foundation for her pioneering scientific successes in animal health. Over the last decade Dr. Layton developed and patented an innovative orally administered sub-unit vaccine platform, Biotech Vac. This research and development led to the recent ground-breaking introduction of Biotech Vac – Salmonella in South America, which provides poultry with immunological protection from all motile Salmonella species, a first in the poultry industry, and will help reduce the risk of food-borne Salmonellosis in humans. As an expert in poultry vaccines, Dr. Layton is frequently called upon to speak about her work, and vaccines in general, at industry and academic conferences worldwide. Dr. Layton currently leads a research team of veterinarians and scientists in the U.S. and Argentina and has developed a pipeline of pioneering and effective vaccines. She is currently focused on supporting the introduction of Biotech Vac – Salmonella in Argentina and Brazil as well as establishing biologicals in the U.S. market with the newly formed Vetanco USA.

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