Dr. Bata Ltd. announces the start of construction of its first factory in Brazil

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Last Monday, April 4, the Hungarian company Dr. Bata Ltd., international strategic partner of Vetanco and part of the BVScience USA, Inc. joint-venture, since 2016, announced the start of construction of its first factory in Brazil in the Chapecó/SC City, which is located on the same site as the Vetanco Plant in that country.

The event, which gathered more than 200 people, was led by the Chief Administrative Officer of Vetanco Brazil, Daiane Cristina de Moura Müssnich, who stated: “For more than 10 years, the partnership between Dr. Bata and Vetanco has been leading to good results and achieving success all over the world. This new manufacturing plant construction reflects this joint effort.”

Meanwhile, the President of Vetanco, Jorge Winokur, stressed that this joint project is about the fulfillment of a dream. “Knowing the scientific development in Hungary and the always fraternal welcome of the Chapecó City and its authorities, we reached the natural conclusion of the advantages of investing here, by developing more adapted products to the region to increase food production. I would like to thank all customers, friends, and the Brazilian and Hungarian teams. It truly is a highly-anticipated dream, we are proud and grateful to everyone who is part of this important project,” he emphasized.

Dr. Bata Ltd. is a Hungarian-based biotech company committed to developing solutions for animal health for more than 30 years. Its founder, Dr. Arpad Bata, is a specialist in the development of phytotherapeutic products that work to prevent poultry and swine diseases, and is responsible for developing the first enzymatic mycotoxin inactivation technologies in the world.

For the Consul General of the Hungarian Consulate in Brazil, Zsuzsanna László, who participated in the meeting, the project was characterized as Brazil’s most significant investment plan in the 20th century.

“And so it will become, symbolically, an extension of our homeland. The brave directors of Dr. Bata went further, by not settling in any other city, but directly in Chapecó, the heart of Brazilian agribusiness,” she said.

The Technical Sales Manager of Vetanco Brazil, Tiago Urbano, mentioned the strategic importance of the alliance with Dr. Bata for the company. “Within two years, we will have a fully operational factory, producing, generating income, and creating jobs. Surely, helping us in the strategic positioning since Dr. Bata has already been selling its products for more than 10 years in Brazil and the world through Vetanco. In addition, our clients will benefit from the operation of this new production plant.” he mentioned.

The factory will have about 3 thousand square meters of high-tech equipment. The undertaking will also have a quality control, analysis, diagnosis, research and development laboratories focused on the production of eubiotics. More than R$ 30 million will be invested in the entire project.

Gábor Bat, Dr. Bata’s Strategic Manager, mentioned why the Hungarian company chose Brazil for the new venture. “Brazil is dynamic in the livestock and meat industry.” He finished by saying: “I would like to specially acknowledge this city’s managers, who gave us this opportunity,” he thanked.

Foundation Stone

The event included the foundation stone opening of the new factory, conducted by the President and Dr. Bata Ltd’s CEO, Dr. Arpad Bata. “I welcome everyone to be part of the success we hope to achieve,” he exclaimed.


 The partnership between Vetanco and Dr. Bata Ltd. began more than 10 years ago, from the moment Vetanco and Dr. Bata’s research professionals combined their resources and worked together to develop innovative tools, sharing the same purpose: Safe Products for Safe Food. Within this framework, they created BV Science in 2016.

The joint work has multiplied the capacity for research and technical-commercial assistance at an international level. In addition, it has expanded the registration of its products worldwide by conducting more experiments and tests in institutions in different countries, speeding up the time when a new product reaches the market.

Both Vetanco and Dr. Bata Ltd. register and market BV Science products in their regions; Vetanco for the Americas and Dr. Bata for the rest of the world.

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